Funder advisory group

The Funder Advisory Group was originally formed to help with the development of our funding data and Funder Registry capabilities. As those services matured, the group re-convened in 2017 to discuss ways in which funders can take advantage of Crossref’s infrastructure to register grant metadata and engage more officially by becoming members.

Grants working groups

Throughout 2018 the Funder Advisory Group broke temporarily into two working groups: one looking at membership models for funders, and the other exploring a new schema for grant metadata. In November 2018, the sustainability model and metadata schemas were approved. Research funders are now able to join, register their grants with metadata and DOIs, and reap the full benefits of membership.

Some use cases for the grants project

  1. Multi-country funding e.g. the Australian Research Council wants to know which other countries their awardees get additional funding from.
  2. Government vs. private funding relationships e.g. which private funders work with which governments to support what kind of research?
  3. Co-funding e.g. which other funders do my grantees tend to receive support from as well as us?
  4. Portfolio analysis e.g. a funder invests in centers and individual scientists; which effort generates more products?

Original working group participants

A big thanks to the group of volunteers below who at various stages have jumped in to help make the registration of grants a reality. Two aspects of the work are still to be completed: the output of grant metadata through our open APIs and search tools; and the development of a widget so that manuscript and grant submission platforms can adopt and support grants in a manner consistent for researchers, publishers, and others.

The group will be meeting again in 2022 to determine its next priorities.

  • Chair and facilitator: Jennifer Kemp, Crossref
  • Diego-Valerio Chialva, European Research Council
  • Kevin Dolby, Medical Research Council, UK
  • Maisie England, UKRI, UK
  • Patricia Feeney, Crossref
  • Steve Fitzmier, John Templeton Foundation
  • Nina Frentrop, Wellcome, UK
  • Melissa Harrison, EMBL-EBI, UK
  • Brian Haugen, NIH, USA
  • Ginny Hendricks, Crossref
  • Andreas Kyriacou, Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland
  • Robert Kiley, Wellcome, UK
  • Salvo La Rosa, Children’s Tumor Foundation, USA
  • Jo McEntyre, Europe PMC, UK
  • Ashley Moore, UKRI, UK
  • Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka, European Research Council, France
  • Lisa Murphy, Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland
  • Ritsuko Nakajima, JST, Japan
  • Niall O’Brien, Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland
  • Lucy Ofiesh, Crossref
  • Michael Parkin, EMBL-EBI, UK
  • Steve Pinchotti, Altum
  • Falk Rekling, FWF, Austria
  • Carly Robinson, DOE, USA
  • Natasha Simons, ARDC
  • Gerald Steeman, NASA, USA
  • Ginger Strader Minkiewicz, Smithsonian Institution, USA
  • Lance Vowell, OSTI, USA

Please contact Jennifer Kemp with any questions.

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