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Simple Text Query Upload Form

This form allows you to upload a simple text file containing references and have them processed off line. The results will be emailed to you in an HTML file. Here is a list of guidelines:

  - Please have one reference per line (no line breaks within a reference).
  - The system works better if your references are numbered.
  - NO Word or PDF files are accepted (".TXT" only)
  - Special characters (accent grave, umlauts ...) may be mangled in the result

Recommended use:
  1) Open your source document and copy the reference list to the clipboard
  2) Open WordPad and paste the reference list into a new document
  3) Save as "Text Document".
  4) Open the results in a browser
  5) Copy the references, including DOI links, to the clipboard
  6) Edit into your source document.

Users are given access to this service using verified email addresses. You may sign up for a free account here.


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Review the terms for using this service. For further information regarding the use of this form, click here.
Disclaimer: This service is intended for non-commercial, limited use only, and its performance and function time is not guaranteed in any way.
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