Manuscript submission systems

Metadata first takes shape with author manuscripts.

Discoverability starts here

Manuscript submission systems, and the authors that use them, start metadata on its long lifecycle. Publishers’ instructions to authors and author-created metadata, such as keywords are first captured by manuscript submission systems.

Along with other publishing service organizations such as typesetters, submission systems are a kind of service provider, and are the first step in getting content registered, often by yet another kind of service provider, hosting platforms.

Beyond bibliographic

In addition to basic and expected (not to mention required) metadata, the manuscript submission stage is when all kinds of key information enters the picture, including:

We encourage the fullest metadata possible and recognize that manuscript submission systems are among those that make this possible!

A shared community

Submission systems of course work with our members too. In addition to authors and publishers, submission systems are used by hosting platforms and other publisher services organizations, like compositors.

When we make changes to our schema – for example, when we introduced preprints – submission systems must be at the ready for new services to work.

No matter where manuscripts end up, they - and their metadata - start with submission systems!

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Last Updated: 2016 September 12 by Jennifer Kemp