Maintaining your Crossref membership

Help us to help you keep your membership running smoothly.

  • Let us know if any of your account details change. This might include:
    • A change to one or more of your contacts - it’s important to keep this up to date so we can ensure technical reports go to the right person, we can keep in touch with you about voting in Board elections, and we can make sure the right person receives your invoices.
    • A change to the name of your organization
    • A change to the mailing or billing address for your organization. (Please note, if you pay your invoices using our payment portal, the address here just relates to your credit card payment. If you need to update the billing address that appears on your invoices, you do need to let us know directly.)
    • A change to your organization’s publishing revenue - this may mean that we need to change your annual member fee tier.
  • Pay your invoices - your content registration fees are invoiced quarterly, and your annual member fee is invoiced annually. Learn more about invoicing and payment.
  • Think about your Crossref participation when planning a platform review or migration. Learn more about working with a service provider.
  • Review your participation in our services beyond content registration.
  • Keep an eye on your reports and take action to resolve errors.
  • Get involved- Crossref is an ongoing community project, so it’s important to participate in Board elections, join groups/committees, follow developments, and keep your knowledge and processes up-to-date. Learn more about getting involved.

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