The Crossref Curriculum

Web deposit form

This method is suitable for making small numbers of deposits, and you do not need any knowledge of XML to use it. You can use this form to deposit metadata for journals, books, conference proceedings, reports, and dissertations. You can also upload NLM or JATS-formatted XML to this form.

How to use the web deposit form

  1. Start at the web deposit form
  2. Select the type of content you want to register: journal, book, conference proceedings, report, dissertation, NLM file, or supplementary metadata upload
  3. Enter the appropriate information for the type of content you selected. Be sure to enter all available metadata for each item you register.
    • Journals: deposit a journal-level DOI only or DOIs for each article within a given issue. Only one issue can be deposited at a time.
    • Books: register both book- and chapter-level information. Select Submit Book DOI to deposit a title-level DOI, or select Add Chapters to enter metadata for chapters attached to the book being registered. For series and sets, only one volume can be registered at a time.
    • For conference proceedings, enter event and conference paper information. Select Add Papers to enter metadata for conference papers.
    • For reports: select Submit Report DOI to deposit a single report DOI, or select Add Content Item if the report contains multiple chapters or papers.
    • For dissertations: complete the fields and click Submit dissertation.
    • NLM/JATS upload: to upload an XML file built according to the NLM or JATS document type definition (DTD) publishing tag set, select NLM file, use the Browse function to locate NLM XML file, and enter username, password, contact, and DOI information. Click Upload NLM Data to submit.
      • If your XML contains <article-id pub-id-type="doi"> you do not need to enter a DOI in the form.
      • If the XML contains <self-uri> and that URI contains the URL you intend to register with your DOI, you do not need to enter a URL.
    • Supplementary metadata upload: funding and license metadata may be uploaded in .csv format.
  4. Enter your Crossref username, password, and email address, and select Deposit. Please ensure this is a valid email address, as we’ll use it to send you your submission log.

When you’ve completed step 4, your submission is added to our submission queue. When we have processed your file we’ll send you a log via email (to the address you gave us in step 4 above). You must review this log to make sure your content was registered successfully.

We also send you a copy of the XML that has been generated by the web deposit form. This XML is just for your records - you don’t need to do anything with it. If changes or corrections need to be made to your metadata record, you can edit and submit the XML instead of re-entering your metadata into the form. If you do edit the XML, be sure to increment the value in the <timestamp> field to ensure a successful update.

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson