What it means to be a member

Whether you join Crossref as a direct member or through a Sponsor, your membership means you have obligations to your fellow members, and it gives you a say in how Crossref is run.

Your member obligations

Your member obligations (as set out in our membership terms) include making payments, assigning Crossref DOIs and depositing metadata for your content, maintaining and updating your metadata and DOIs for the long term, displaying your DOIs correctly, and linking your references persistently using DOIs. You have to fulfil these obligations to remain a member of the organization, so make sure that you’ve confirmed who in your organization will be responsible for fulfilling each one. Learn more about understanding your member obligations.

Making your voice heard

Crossref is governed by a Board of Directors, and as a member you’re eligible to vote in the board elections, and even stand for election yourself.

The Board meets three times a year and oversees the organization, sets its strategic direction, and makes sure that Crossref fulfills its mission. A list of motions from every board meeting is available.

Our members elect the Board. Voting takes place online and election results are announced at the annual business meeting during the Crossref LIVE conference each November. There’s a nominating committee made up of three Board members not up for election, and two non-Board members. This committee puts forward a slate each year for the entire membership to vote on. Each September, the voting contact for your account will receive an email from us with details of who is up for election, and access details for the online voting system. It’s important to make your voice heard by voting in the elections.

Learn more about our board and governance.

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