Other ways of working with us

As well as our members, there are a variety of other organizations which work with Crossref to deposit and retrieve metadata, including Sponsors, service providers, and metadata retrievers.

Service providers

Service providers include hosting platforms, submission systems, and XML providers. They act on behalf of members to register content, collect and display metadata, and query for Cited-by matches. Service providers sign an agreement with Crossref and pay a flat annual fee of USD 2,000 to facilitate members’ use of our services.


Sponsors work very closely with us to provide services to our members on our behalf, including:

  • Work in a specific community segment or region and can provide support and promotion of Crossref activities and services.
  • Facilitate Crossref membership for the organizations they work with
  • Facilitate content registration with Crossref
  • Handle billing for content registration and other Crossref services
  • Pay one annual fee to cover all of the sponsored members they work with.

Find out more about what being a Sponsor involves.

Metadata retrievers

A range of organizations work with our APIs to search and reuse our metadata. These include manuscript tracking services, search services, bibliographic management software, library systems, author profiling tools, specialist subject databases, scholarly sharing networks. All of these (and more) incorporate scholarly metadata into their software and services.

All our metadata is available through our free APIs, and we also offer offer Metadata Plus - a premium service for machine searches. Learn more about Metadata Plus.

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