Member fees

As a member, you pay two sets of fees - your annual membership fee, and content registration service fees.

There are also fees for the Similarity Check service if you choose to participate in this service.

Annual membership fees

Your annual membership fee is based on your organization’s publishing revenue or spend, depending on whether you charge for your publishing activities. You will need to pay your membership fees whether you are a for-profit, or not-for-profit publisher. Depending on when you join, you pay a prorated fee for the remaining months of that year. After that, you receive an invoice for the full year each January.

If you participate in Similarity Check, your annual fee for Similarity Check will be included in your annual membership fee invoice.

Content Registration fees

You pay a one-time fee for each content item you register with us. You don’t pay to update an existing metadata record.

Your content registration fees are billed quarterly in arrears. This means you’ll usually receive a bill at the beginning of each quarter for the content you registered in the previous quarter. The only exception is if you’ve only registered a small number of DOIs.

  • Each April, you receive an invoice for the content you registered in the first quarter of the year (Q1: January - March)
  • Each July, you receive an invoice for the content you registered in the second quarter of the year (Q2: April - June)
  • Each October, you receive an invoice for the content you registered in the third quarter of the year (Q3: July - September)
  • Each January you receive an invoice for the content you registered in the fourth quarter of the previous year (Q4: October - December)

If your content registration charges are below USD 100 for a quarter, those charges will roll forward to the next quarter. You’ll be invoiced when your total charges exceed USD 100, or in the last quarter of the year, whichever occurs first.

Learn more about content registration fees.

Similarity Check fees

We offer an optional paid-for services for members called Similarity Check. This service provides reduced rate access to the iThenticate service from Turnitin, allowing members to check their submitted manuscripts for similarity to published work. There is an annual service fee (which is added to your annual membership fee invoice each January) plus per-document checking fees which are invoiced each January for any documents checked during the previous year. Learn more about Similarity Check and fees for Similarity Check.

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