This information relates to the title of a work, such as a journal article, book or book chapter, or conference paper. For advice on registering the title of a series, such as a journal, book series, or conference proceedings, learn more about journal title management.

The title of your work is used for citation matching, so follow these best practices to make sure your metadata can be used correctly by reference management tools:

  • Review how the title is treated or changed throughout the various stages of your production workflow
  • Title must be in title or sentence case (not ALL CAPS)
  • Title field must not include other metadata such as author, price, volume numbers
  • Use separate title elements for different language titles - do not cram multiple titles in multiple languages into one element
  • Subtitles should be recorded in a separate subtitle element
  • Use UTF-8 encoding
  • May include face markup, LaTeX, or MathML where appropriate

If you need to update or correct a title, learn more about updating title records.

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