Introduction to conference proceedings

Why register conference proceedings

Conference proceedings are often one of the first ways that researchers communicate new, innovative, and emergent research to their peers and the scholarly community. While this record type can be a precursor to a more formal peer-reviewed journal article, conference proceedings are critical to communicating new concepts that further enrich the research nexus.

Obligations and limitations

  1. Follow the conference proceedings metadata best practices.
  2. The conference proceedings record type captures metadata about a single conference, such as date, acronym, and location. DOIs should be assigned to all papers associated with the conference, and a DOI may be assigned to the conference itself. Ongoing conferences published with an ISSN may be deposited as a series.
  3. You can register conference proceedings using our web deposit form or via direct deposit of XML.


In addition to annual membership dues, all records attract a one-time registration fee. Read about the fees.


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