License metadata

Members registering licensing information in their metadata let researchers know when they can perform TDM and under what conditions. This license could be proprietary, or an open license such as Creative Commons.

When supplying license metadata, DO:

  • provide URLs for proprietary or open licenses for your content
  • supply dates that apply to your licenses (to support embargos, for example) and KEEP THEM UP TO DATE!
  • make sure the URLs resolve to an active license
  • review any metadata records you acquire from other members to make sure the license data supplied is accurate and up to date

Do not:

  • supply unverified license URLs - we make sure the URLs provided are URLs, but don’t verify that they resolve to an active license

Review our License information Markup Guide for XML and metadata help.

Page owner: Patricia Feeney   |   Last updated 2022-June-01