How to participate in Cited-by

Members can participate in Cited-by by completing the following steps:

  1. Deposit references for one or more prefixes as part of your content registration process. Use your Participation Report to see your progress with depositing references.
  2. Contact us to ask for the Cited-by service to be enabled for your prefix(es).
  3. We match the metadata in the references to DOIs to establish a Cited-by relationship in the database. As new content is registered, we automatically update the relationships and notify you of new links.
  4. Retrieve citations through a URL query or the admin tool.
  5. Display the links on your website. We recommend displaying citations you retrieve on DOI landing pages, for example:
Example landing page with Cited-by display

If you are a member through a Sponsor, you may have access to Cited-by through your sponsor – please contact them for more details.

Citation matching

Members sometimes submit references without including a DOI tag for the cited work. When this happens, we use an algorithm to search our records based on the metadata provided. If we find a match, the reference metadata is updated with the DOI and we add the "doi-asserted-by": "crossref" tag. If we don’t find a match immediately, we will try again at a later date.

There are some references for which we won’t find matches, for example where a DOI has been registered with an agency other than Crossref (such as DataCite) or if the reference refers to an object without a DOI, including conferences, manuals, blog posts, and some journals’ articles.

To perform matching, we first check if a DOI tag is included in the reference metadata. If so, we assume it is correct and link the corresponding work. If there isn’t a DOI tag, we perform a search using the metadata supplied and select candidate results by thresholding. The best match is found through a further validation process. Learn more about how we match references. The same process is used for the results shown on our Simple Text Query tool.

All citation matches to a work are returned in the corresponding Cited-by query.

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