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PRISM Press Release


thammond – 2008 July 09

In Metadata

The PRISM metadata standards group issued a press release yesterday which covered three points:

PRISM Cookbook

The Cookbook provides _“a set of practical implementation steps for a chosen set of use cases and provides insights into more sophisticated PRISM capabilities. While PRISM has 3 profiles, the cookbook only addresses the most commonly used profile #1, the well-formed XML profile. All recipes begin with a basic description of the business purpose it fulfills, followed by ingredients (typically a set of PRISM metadata fields or elements), and, closes with a step-by-step implementation method with sample XMLs and illustrative images.”_

PRISM 2.0 Errata

The Errata _“addresses a range of issues, from editorial to technical, that have been reported by the PRISM user community.”_


The next version of the PRISM Specification, PRISM 2.1, is slated for release in late 2008. _“This release will address complex rights for multi-platform and global distribution channels.”_

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