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thammond – 2008 October 24

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Yesterday a new PRISM spec (v2.1) was released for public comment. (Comment period lasts up to Dec. 3, ’08.)

Changes are listed in pages 8 and 9 of the Introduction document. Some highlights:

  • New PRISM Usage Rights namespace
    • Accordingly usage of prism:copyright, prism:embargoDate, and prism:expirationDate no longer recommended
      • New element prism:isbn introduced for book serials
      An updated mod_prism RSS 1.0 module is available which lists all versions of PRISM specs including the forthcoming v2.1 spec. I will see about getting this added now to a more permanent location. Current version of PRISM remains at v2.0. Versions 2.0 and 2.1 are especially of interest to users of Crossref because of their support for prism:doi and prism:url and users should consider upgrading their applications, e.g. RSS feeds.

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